Samsung Galaxy Note II Features

Samsung Galaxy Note II

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• Superb viewing experience on-the-go
• Easy tasking in one view
• Simply amazing expression tools
• Exceptional power performance

Product Features


Superb viewing experience on-the-go

GALAXY Note II’s 5.5” HD Super AMOLED screen offers exceptional clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio – providing a superb viewing experience.


Multi Window

Do multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time with no screen transitions.

Air View

Conveniently and quickly preview your pictures without having to open any folders. Air View saves you time and energy, and makes it easier to manage your life’s contents.


See All

Now, the Galaxy Note II has a special feature: a pen. It’s kind of fun and useful to be able to draw on the screen and to snip graphics free form with the pen and create handwritten notes. However, I was much happier with the 8Mpixel camera on the Galaxy Note II that takes sharp pictures with good colours and contrast.

There’s no doubt that some people will find the Galaxy Note II just too big; I liked the “phablet” size myself, because it’s like having a tablet that fits into your pocket.

The Galaxy Note II is available from Telecom and Vodafone at $1,050 to $1,100 but can be had for less in independent stores.

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